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WHO: Keighley BID works in conjunction with local businesses to increase footfall in Keighley town centre.

Keighley BID is one of hundreds of Business Improvement Districts across the UK, focusing on the improvement of Keighley town centre as a way to increase footfall and tourism. Working with retailers to enhance customer experiences, the BID uses money collected alongside business rates to invest in services in Keighley, including installing town-centre-wide free WiFi, updating signage and developing a security radio linking 120 businesses across the area, to encourage more visitors to the town.

WHAT: The BID approached CWJ Media, a fellow Keighley business, to produce promotional material.

After their election in 2015, Keighley BID kept it local by sourcing CWJ to create a range of advertising content to be distributed to local businesses and across the town centre. In collaboration with the BID, we designed a range of window displays, guides and maps to be made readily available for tourists, alongside the creation of the Keighley Connect magazine, providing news to local businesses.

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HOW: Content produced by our skilled team can be seen throughout Keighley town centre.

You don’t have to venture far into Keighley before you come face to face with a map or display created by CWJ Media. Delivering information including a retail map, the best pubs and restaurants to visit, and details of established local businesses, they have proved an effective way of increasing footfall.

A range of guides and the quarterly Connect magazine, produced and edited by our in-house team, provides businesses in Keighley with an opportunity to showcase their services, also including interviews with Councillors and local entrepreneurs and a range of helpful business statistics.

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  • Keighley Bid magazine.

    Keighley Bid magazine.

  • town centre food guides.

    town centre food guides.

  • Keighley Bid magazine spreads.

    Keighley Bid magazine spreads.

  • town centre guides.

    town centre guides.

  • Keighley Bid magazine spreads.

    Keighley Bid magazine spreads.

  • town centre signage.

    town centre signage.

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